Friday, November 2, 2007

Cyberjaya Institute Rich Specialist

Dr. Husni Zaeem

Self voted Hottest Doctor for the past 3 years, finally won the ‘Best Interpersonal Relationship Doctor’ last year. His obsessive Compulsiveness manages to put him as second best Public Helath Specialist just behind his mentor Prof Abu Bakar. He also currently hosting a Health programme ‘the Hottest Health on TV3

Want to know who else my business partner in Cyberjaya Institute Rich Specialist(CIRH) in 2020. Please do check this for your further medical advice (",)

Meet The Specialist 2020
Feedback on CIRS

P/s: Thanx farha for this entry. u made up my day. huh. im gonna miss you loh nanti.. we will be far apart...

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