Monday, November 5, 2007

you proud but you dont know...

just got back from Prof Nasar's open house. i know i was late but he is too special for me.i forced myself to make sure to attend his house. walaupun hujan ngan kencang ner ku gagahi jua.hehehe. i thpought i was really late but when i reach there Azam the poyos, Kim(batch 3), anis(b3) n his awek(b2 heheheh), and aroi(b3) still there. Thank god atleast i know some familiar faces. The food at profs house was really superb. took mee curry + nasi himpit with marvelous rendang and superb samabal sotong.heheh managed to tambah samapai 3 kali. hehe. giler. The marvelous rendang was cook by prof's wife. hmm bestnyerrrr..(prof if u read this nak gambar.hehe)

went back to Cheras, mom and dad already here and they have planned a packed and congested jalan jalan hari raya and definately i'll be the driver.hehehe.. so another two days of open house. then Wednesday and Thursday is already ocupied for Husna & Mira's open house.Hoping for qous qous mak husna and nasi ayam kencang mak mira..wah.full of open house. and reen's wedding will be this Sunday.hhehe.still dunno wut to wear.

it was really a boring night.. i started to miss sitting on my yellow chair and opening books. i do really miss that moment.or else baring baring at depan tv and asking questions among friends. and yet to be missed is completing my flash cards which something that i can proud of myself unfortunately i've lost the cards.huaaaa.. thats was perfectly 1 month starting from bulan puasa. which i'm totally different. only gods know the hardship and wuteva to be name just to make sure i pass the pro exam.but the mood of passing the exam was spoilt by the nightmares. it still haunted me eventhogh now i took it very positive. yes i do! but now for sure i will never look back. i will be more focus. insha allah.

i managed to view friendster after a long time havent update and stalking peoples latest pix then i get caught some of my friends. and one word i can conclude.. you are too obsess with koleq..but you dont really know what is koleq.. to all bunga raya sedar sedarlah sikit oi.. hahaha.. in the mode missing koleq.. fiat sapientia virtus......

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