Friday, September 26, 2008


aku punyai teman
teman ertinya bukan berseorangan
berseorangan aku berjalan pulang
pulang dari menelaah pelajaraan

pelajaran penting untuk masa hadapan
hadapan dengan tugasan yang aku idam idamkan
idamakan segala kesenangan dan kemewahan
kemewahan bukan untuk ditunjuk-tunjukkan

tunjukkan aku agar terus berjuang
berjuang untuk capai ke awan
awan yang tinggi bukannya halangan
halangan ditepis dan direjam bagaikan syaitan
syaitan sentiasa membawa kehancuran dan kemusnahan
kemusnahan menganhancurkan segala harapan
harapan aku, orang tuaku juga semua yang mengenaliku

mengenaliku amatlah mudah
mudah didekati dan juga mudah dilupai
dilupai dengan sebegitu saja
saja hari ini kau datang
datang kepadaku merintih, dan meminta
meminta daripadaku hanya untuk memikirkan kebahagiaanmu
kebahagiaanmu itu kebahagianku dan juga keperitan dan kesengsaranku
kesengsaraanku adalah kegembiraan musuh-musuhku

musuh-musuhku pelbagai rupa
rupa menawan, namun adakah setiakawan?
setiakawan bukannya mudah diperolehi di sana sini

sini aku terjumpa rakan teman
teman ertiny rakan
rakan ertinya kawan
kawan bukannya lawan
lawan yang ku harapkan hanya berlaku semalam

semalam aku terima panggilan
panggilan itu aku terima darimu
darimu aku mengenali ertinya kawan dan teman
teman bukan utuk berlawan
berlawan bukannya erti bermusuhan
bermusuhan kadangkala demi kebaikan
kebaikan kuharap buakan hanya semalam

semalam aku melompat dengan penuh kegembiraan
kegembiraan kerna akhirnya semalam aku mempunyai teman
teman yang sentiasa menghormati ertinya seorang kawan dan teman
teman yang ku harap bukanlah hanya untuk semalam
semalam bukanlah dikau wahai kawan
kawan yang pernah kujadikan teman
penned down by czarcarera on 26 September 2008/ 26 Ramadhan/0347hours

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulau Meranti-Farid-Tahun 4-Young Mercy-Balik Kampung-

1. I went to Klinik Desa Pulau Meranti (it is not a pulau) which is a neighbourhood kampung of Cyberjaya.

2. In other word Cyberjaya is like a bandar in the kampung or Pulau meranti is the kampung di dalam bandar either or. apa apa pun Pulau Meranti wujud dahulu sebelum Cyberjaya kan. .

3. The session was short but i realized that it is very important component posting as we have to observed the routine checkup for the children. The immunization programme in our country has been introduced since 1950s is such a beautiful programme and we should be grateful to be born in this country.

4. I called Farid and Alhamdulillah he is currently in a good conditions and still under rehabs. he is lucky as he cant remember anything about the tragedy and he is not in trauma at all. I pray that he can continue with his flying.

5. Oh ya, since this is our last posting for the third year, in the evening we had a sesions with the deputy dean about our next year programme. there will be 4 rotations next year; orthopaedics,psychiatry,family medicine & special postings (opthamology, ENT, anaesthesiology & traditional complementary medicine).

6. New group list for year 4 was announced as well. the group has been reshuffle and i had new faces of group mate which i had never any experiences working together before except for Fini, Nadia MK, Amran, (Year 3) & Kerker (Year 1 & 2). I think this is the oppurtunity for me to get to know more people in my batch.

7. I'll be starting with orthopaedics posting in end of January 09, not to forget two months of research in December and January.

8. New group new, new hope, and new dreams ( hello paeds tak abes lagik kotttt)

9. Next things to be done; packing for hari raya.

10. meanwhile, i am busy with our Young Mercy Project in Kedah. more works and an efficient time management is very important

11. Esok Balik Kampung..hoho..balik kampung (",)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iftar@ ikea

makan makan di ikea bersama rakan rakan yang ku sayangi, liyana dan alif. masa makan makan tetiba terjumpa fazrul which is coincidence last year pon when we had iftar in kapal kg.baru, we also met so lawak giler. and fuzzy always a fuzzy. never change but getting older. haha. had a blast gossips and wonderful stories. thanks iteq eventhough ader test esok. adik alif thanks kerana menjadi driver we all. thanks ma friend (",)

three good old friends.i always pray that our friendship last forever. love all of you so much. dah 4 years we know each other. (ader orang anniversary 4 years..poyo tol.heheh)

fuzzy was there too but this thime with his usual suka pose lebey

before buka puasa we had phot shoot outside.yerlah kul 5 dah samapai ikea.tak tau nak buat aper dah.(adik alif heboh ngn jam. padahal tak jam pon...)

me and iteq

me and adik alif

wahab was trying to learn the definition of characteristics..hehehe

iteq berangan bollywood

macam family picture plak kan

sorry iteq.ikea takder kerja kosong utk dentist.tapi kan i raser ikea ader kerja kosong utk environmental engineer macam adik alif kot..

ucapan perpisahan dan selamat tinggal daripada iteq. sebijik macam iteq pulang petang kan!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

memori lama

yesterday had buka puasa with husna,fini,kak juns, fina, jati, bulbul, haris, memer and zaimi at McD seri Kembnagan after our reunion meeting finished almost 7 pm. no idea where to eat but fini insist to have McD. and all of us went there. thanks to zaimi for the coupun. i had mass iftar. 2 mc chicken, bubur, sundae chocolate, fires, and pow bulbul's chicken. hehe. McD has no buffet which i never missed two years ago.

photo taken from husna

late night called ihsan and had jalan jalan merentas kuala lumpur tanpa arah dan tujuan. then we had A&W as it was such long time i'm not having the root beer and the a&w usj is such a good memories to me. then caled pai and had another minum minum at mamak. everything was on Ihsan that night. then we headed to pai's house and had another chit chat again and again. i took the old album during our time in koleq and yet i saw this pix. it was taken in the end of 2003 before the SPM.hahaha. i snap the pix using my phone thats why the quality was not really good.(pai silalah scan semua gambar dolu dolu)huhuhu

me and pai in 2003. lupa plak nak amek latest pix utk buat perbndingan.huhu

a clearer view

last week i had ward rounds in Damansara and we came across with this little poor boy who had dextrocardia (the heart is in the right zone.normal people's heart is on our left zone)with mutiple abormality and the prognosis was poor. poor little cute boy. just pray for the best for him.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sayonara is goodbye

im already two weeks in Putrajaya. i like it but in reality...
still in the mood of missing Terendak

sayonara Terendak

Surgery Posting

Medical Posting

The whole crew

Merindui cendol di Jonker

"controversial games"

Monday, September 15, 2008


To my dear Nabilla
Happy Belated Birthday
Hope you enjoy the dinner
Be strong my dear
I'm always pray for your happiness.
Happy belated Birthday

9 months

its been 9 months we dont see each other. miss you guys a lot. need more time to have more chit chat and blast gossips.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its Empty

I feel so empty
The whole week was like up and down..
I'm really tired and and dont like this week at all
Everything is empty and yet i havent settle down.
My scheduled for this week

Monday: Alam Damai/RC Putrajaya/Cyber Heights
Tuesday: Cyber Heights/Damansara/UM
Wednesday: UM/Damansara/RC Putrajaya/ UM
Thursday:UM/RC Putrajaya/Cyber Height/Cyberjaya/ Wangsa Maju/ Cyber Heights
Friday: ? in my head HPJ/RC Putrajaya/Time Square or Cyberjaya
Fuel? $$? = kering kontang
Im so empty and i'm really really tired. hope tomorrow onwards will be a better day

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


im mad at you.
yes i am!!!
I really mad at you
please go away from me

goda + salad

Happy Birthday to Goda and Salad @ 2nd September 2008

Goda..sla lah balik Malaysia dgn cepat. sangat merindui kamu

Salad. Ape cer skang. Ko jadik fly ker?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Posting

Just got back from my holiday and tomorrow i'll be in Putrajaya for finale posting of third year. And its Paediatrics. Hoping for the best of the finale..