Monday, January 28, 2008


ngomsan..congratulation for completing your flying hours(betul ker nih) and now u can fly on your own..congratulations.. You are now the real MAS pilot..heheheh...cepat cepatlah jadik captain so that ko buleh bawak aku jenjalan.hahhaha...congratulation again captain ngomsan..

january baby

bash@6th january 2008

happy birthday bash..its great to know you..semoga panajng umur and dimurahkan rezeki.cepat cepat kawen..ko tuh dah tua.huhuhu(p/s hadiah tuh is not from me..heheh)

mira@ 16 january 2008

mirs..happy birthday..x penah seumur hidup i dapat cake samapi tiga..nak jugak.hahhah..its such a great to have you around..hope we can strike for the very best throgout our journey.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

im happy

1. im very very happy coz my dexter is dexter is really backkkk

2. i am adapting my self to the real life of medical's all clinical years...and i'm working very hard for it...