Thursday, March 27, 2008


Thanks husna for the editing..thank you so much..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


hello everyone... ive been so lazy to update my blog...i have nuthing to write.. i have nuthing in my was so empty as emppty as my heart(like so jiwang)... sometime have u ever feel whatever u did is always the right, good and the best for you? hmm. i guess emotions always conqured every single parts of my life. i dun give a damn if ppl called me emo.. yet being the last in the family has brought me the way i am..last week we went to sepang was my first time there.. it was a great experienced. i wonder how mahathir got tsuch idea to have our own f1 circuit.yet ive heard there were too many stories behind it but i dun care..ive seen lots of advantages in front of my eyes..right.. spending time with ur own friend who is now already working and sum are too excited with their business and yet ive heard that one of my friend already get married.....ive kept asking myself wether i'm really ready to proceed my life..towards a real adult.. which lots of things to be considerate.. for the time i'm not ready at all to be not readyy...

#im not readyyyyyyyy...hmmmm#