Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank You!

this is super duper outdated posting!but deep in my heart i always wanted to do this and this is so meaningful to me! i was browsing old pixels and ive found one of my favourite pix!

April 2008!
it was my birthday hosted by Husna during our community medicine posting! (time flies!!!)

April 2009

it look simple but honestly it was really surprise and i dont know how much to thank all of you for a wonderful surprise birthday party

These people are good friend of mine during my skool time,, presence and all the time! again i wanna say thank you very very much!

fuad aziz@sot
final year UITM

syafirin ab sani@schemer
final year UM

Azizul Rahman@ger-ger
4th year Melaka Manipal College

and not to forget! another good friend that i had!
ikmal arif@qeymal
4th year, India

P/s: cant imagine life without friend but i know sometime friends may hurt you all the time!

ada telinga dengar, ada mulut diam!

P/s: ada mulut DIAM! (no posting..lalalal)