Monday, June 29, 2009

Mata & Tidur

Completed the half part of anaesthesiology & opthalmology! 3 months to final year! 3 subjects to go! and i believed its not a short period! memang tak percaya!

im little bit stress in this posting! i dont know why! lots of things happened sepanjang this posting! and yet my basic in pre clinical is considered poor! ive been struggled in this so called short posting. but alhamdulillah half part is over!

Opthalmology is something that looks small but with that minute things, there are lots of thing you can find it! eyes is the window of our organs!(betu ker nih) but honestly, im not so into this area! and watcing the eye surgery drives me crazy! unless you love to deal with jelly jelly things! kecik nyer mata kita nih! and they exactly macam jelly! bila tgk surgery.oh god! and for sure i mmg cannot stand with that! for me say no to fine surgeries! but still its an interesting posting! tak boleh bayangkan hidup tanpa melihat dunia yang indah ini! (credits to model; fini)
what i can really learn in aneasthesiology is standing in between of medicine and surgery! thinnking like physicians and working like the surgeons! but what i really dislike in this posting is you dont really have your own patient in the clinic! except the extreme patient in the intensive care unit!and yet they dont really talk as they are highly dependant to machines patients! you know how much i love to talk! tak sangup nak tgk patient kat dalam ICU! sedih sangat! bukan ajer orang tua, but paling kesian if little baby and kids in the ICU. sedih sangat!

and we do learned about little bit of technical parts dealing with the machines and how they works!

Intubating is not as simple as i thought! and again the tv programme cheated me! huhu! and i'm traumatised when there is injuries on my patients throat when i intubated him. but thank god he is not awake!

P/s: reports tak siap agik!!!
P/ss: Congratulation to the third batch of CUCMS! welcome to the Clinical Years!

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