Thursday, November 1, 2007

Its Over..Alhamdulillah

Professional exam is over..yes..its over..Thankgod...Alhamdulillah.. after struggled..missing lots of open houses..stressful life and now its over.its really over..Alhamdulillah..and tomorrow(less then 9 hours) the results will be praying hard that i will pass the professional exam.. Insha allah..yes i will pass the exam..

Just had confirmation with cikgu najmi that i will be doing my elective with him and need to have official meeting with him so that i can explain to him.Thank god! Cikgu Najmi willing to help me for my elective in December.. i hope i gain something from him.. Other friend they chose to have holidays locals and abroad and many other excitement that i cant afford it. just to be realistic..yup..stand on your own feet.. be realistic.. but im still planning to have official swimming class and a secret project with azam..hahhaha.. maybe..if god's will

just to review on MCQ and OSPE..
MCQ was definately tough for me..its too clinical guess. but i do enjoy answering em.. i really using my brain.. perah habes beb.. i tried to really understand whta the question wants... despite the silly mistakes i pray hard i can pass in the MCQ.. yes i will..

OSPE is actually my favourite section.. i dun know why.. but i really hope that i will shine during clinical years.insha' allah.. i just wanna share my experiences during OSCE this afteroon..

For a start, I was placed at rest 3 station (the rest station is alternate with the OSPE station)which they provide us with few bottles of mineral water and few tins of biscuits... is there anyone enjoying the biscuits? i was really nervous that time. but manged to have two full cups of plain water.. but still my mouth dried.. anyone can explain the mechanism of fluid loss at that time..dahlah dgn sakit tekak nyer..hadui.. sabar ajerlah..

Station 1: Examine the right knee

As i entered the room Mr azlan was there and the patient who already in his sarong standing in front of the couch.. and suddenly i was like just satanding there and balank..what shall i do.. but after submitting the stickers to the examiners, i starts to great the pt and ask permission wether he is flexible to speak in bahasa malaysia. then i continue with my examination

Me: Hi..balabala

Pt: Ok..

Then I exposed his knee and give comments but forget to ask him to walk

Me: Can u lie on the couch

Pt: He looks blank.(sehriously..i was like apsala dia wat muka pelik)

Mr. Azlan: Eh..kater tadik nak cakap BM..nih cakap english plak...

Me: eh..(then satrt kelam kabut)

Hadui..overall this is the worst station.. i forgot to complete by doing the same examination on his left knee..arghhhhh... hmm..

Station 2: conduct the neurological examination of lower limbs

Bukak buka pintu..OMG Prof Rashid..terus gugup..but. dalam hati baca doa ngan kencang nyer.the other examiner was from UM. He is family medicine specialist.had a session with him on CC. So he looks familiar to me.. And just realised he is budak koleq when he wore our official tie..Yes its wednesday babeh(plan to have one tapi mahal lohh..To IHSAN: Sponsor lah aku tie old boy..heheheh) So far im quite happy with this situation eventhough tergagap gagap especially when everything jumble up.But im very happy i can differentiate UMNL & LMNL excellently...huhu..and i went out the room before they rang the i closed the dor baru terpikir..have i completed the examination? hmm but the examiner was already asked yes.. my favourite part was the question what if the barbinski reflex indicate...and i love to pronunce the.. The majesty of big toe and fanning of all other toe...

At rest 4 station my mouth was really dried and i have to ask Mama Thuaibah for drinks..gediks sgt but sehriously kering giler mulut..cuak sgt kot.. Thanks prof..

Station 3: Do the systemic review on thyrotoxicosis

Mr AAA was the examiner in this situation. I asked his permission to speak in bm to the patient.based on my experience in mock test. My patient was a young lady named Ain. I enjoyed this station very much. I dun care if wether all my attempts questions wasnt right and im answering wrong,but i'm quite confident in this situation and happy to see both examiners who were seems jotting down all the questions i've asked(indicate i'm right)..Yahooooo

Station 4: The examination of posterior/back of the patient

What i can recalled before entering the room was there will be no tracheal shifting and ask the patient to hug the pillow or put his hands on his shoulder.. this is the second worst station. i forgot to do the chest expansion which doing all those thing i know i forgot to do sumthing but the problem is i really cant recalled(alahai..banayak sagt dosa nih).. and prof ikram was like very sehrious when asking me question but im trying very very hard to bantai hoping that my answer will be correct.. and its about the pleural effusion..tak leh ingat mehhhhh

Station 5: History taking and past medical history.The patient had headache..

i was greated by prof Yong and i hope that i performed wellin this staion. ive been asking a lot to this patient but i cant remember ive showed empathy due to her grandmothers death that lead her to tension headche.. kencang siap panggil cikgu Hani lagik..huhuhu..cikgu Hani pon blank sebab dia pon tak sure her profssion..hoping i scored fullmark in this station..(am i empathy enuff??)

Station 6: Examination of precardium with prof Latif..

I ope to score well in this station. The model was hafiz staf.. nak gelak pon ader..hahaah.. hmm so far ok kot in this examination cuma tak ingat what murmur..i was just answering murmur at the mitral valve..and hoping i scored well.(sempat tanyer prof did i missed anything..huhuhu)

Station 7: Examination of spleen with Dr Zainur Rashid & Mr.Razale

Yahoo..last OSCE station.. doing quite well with guidance of Dr.Zainur Rashid... But i missd the question what area.dgn bangga nyer menjawab trousseau sound padahal trock(betul ker spelling malas nak check) space..heheh..baik punyer kena gelak ngan Mr Razale..

Yahoo...Its all over... Alhamdulillah..Hoping OSCE contribute lots mark for my passing marks. Insha' Allah.. so now just waiting for tomorrow.. Everything will be revealed..

O Allah..
To you I pray that i will pass the examination
Ameen Ya Rabbal Ala min

p/S: sehriously cannot sleep waiting for the result..

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