Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Men

1 week of lecture/role play + 2 weeks of MCH + 2 weeks of OPD + 1 week of Private GP + 2 weeeks of Exam = Family Men!

GP Posting

Just completed my 32 hours of Private GP posting somewhere in Ampang! What can i say..i was not lucky enough! yup! i was really disappointing with my choice! ive been contemplated to choose GP as there were few selections. i dun mind of travelling hence i chosed to be in Ampang hoping i could gain the best experience but i was totally dissapointed! why? there was not enough patient! can you imagine we've been waiting 5 hours but there was not even a single patient! ccan you imgine how suffered we were waiting nd craving for patients! The good part was we had enthusiastic doctor who is non stop sharing and teaching his experiences! the difficulties and obstacle! the reality and the hustle and bustle of life! lots of advices and informative career guide as future reference! but things happened for a reason! be grateful and strive for the best in the future! His experience in paediaric Institute was really marvellous and i pity myself for not seeing lots of cases during the paeds posting in HPJ! I always wonder am i able to be a good health practitioner in the near future as im aware of imnot being equipped with good experienced and lacking of knowledge! come on boss! plase gear up your effort! you have nothing to wait!

MCH Postings

being in Dengkil is really great. I love the cinic environment as i used to KK setting back in hometown! i love the people and one of the most touching part, my O&G patient still remembered me.

Mdm X : Adik, ko ingat tak akak lagik?
Me : Yer kak. Tak perasan lah
Mdm X : Alah! dulu kau peksa perut akak maser akak mengandung dulu. ni lah ha hasilnya(while showing her 9 months daughter)
Me : Ala ala ala comelnyer.saper nama nih kak? (trying to be extra friendly while feeling guilty not to remember her)

Honestly i fell so bad! i tried to recall the mother and towards the the end i could remmeber her! whatever it is, it was really touching moment(over plak) how they really appreciate you and get to know you by their heart! thats the beauty of the settings!

OPD Posting

1 week of duty service in bangi was also great. managed to meet with few familiar faces. lots of mom's friend! haha. tak sangka plak kan! what a small world! i do enjoy during the attachment at the treatment room! ive seen lots of cases and thats challenged my knowledge! another one week of consultation before end of posting! Oh god! I almost forgetting my Ortho! Then off to Lumut! !

And ive been busy with new unexpected things in my life! ive learned that its not easy to satisfy everyone regardless you've done your very best and pushing your limits! the reality is sux! and new word i really like to qoute " friends are just another phase of life" it has lots of meaning behind it! yup! honestly i really disappointed with some of my friend i thought they are really my friend! again.. friend is just another phase of life!

P/s: i miss ward rounds!
P/s; Blogging is no more therapeutics!