Wednesday, November 14, 2007

kesedihan yang melampaui batas

here are the lists that i really wants to post

1. Dinner with my sibling
2. Open house raya
3. Visit to Gallery Shah Alam with Megat Eusoff
4. Reen's wedding
5. And ive been tagged by Milla

Unfortunately.. after ive lost my handphone after reens wedding then last tuesday after had meeting in MCD my laptop suddenly rosak. which mean coming back to Pilah without my 2 girlfriends.huaaaaaaa.i dont know how to handle this situations. really in the bad mood.

Thanks for landing ur phone atleast for a month. i promise that. im looking for new phone.huiaaa.takder duit maaa

ihsan a.k.a ngomsan
thanks for ur help and your advice. its been great to have you as my close friends. i really appreciate that. thanks for always be my side whenever i'm having such big probs. u r really a great friend. yu know what im really proud of you especially when we had a 'catwalk' kat KLIA. haha. bangga siot jalan ngan pilot.huhu

So..can u guys help me living without phone and my laptop. i miss both of you honey..i love both of always by my side

To dexter..
I miss you so much. ive lost 2 of my closets friend and i dont want to lossing you.. no matter how many times you hurt me i will never hate you. i pray that you will always be yourself. i really miss you

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ray eusouff said...

Pilah rockssssss !!!!