Thursday, July 5, 2007


only Allah knows how i feel that time..

Dear D. u are pissing me off. i swear to god.. ya allah..seriously tension giler.. do you think you have to do that? please lah weh.. be professional kot.. i was just like giving/sharing advice on good things and i don't know y u have to turn like this.. thanks for avoiding me and give those bullshit. im not saying that im perfect but please lah. it was just an advice..takkan nak besar besarkan kot kalo ko tka suka and do tell me which atleast i can imrove sumthing if you dont really like the way i am. and the most important thing it is not about u. AT ALL. it was about someone else that you had really forget bout it.. please lah weh!!. don't act like little kids with their Humpty Dumpty stories. u r big enuff to think more then this and u are young adults maa for acting like those stupid things.come on. u asked me to change and i BAG u to change as well.. learned to accept others advice and stop accused and blame people for your own benefits..and stop being SELFISH

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