Tuesday, July 10, 2007


A usual my weekend was like so busy giler...like its been a long time havent update my blog except for the entry on mom's and Kerker' bday omg busy nyer lately. i dun know what made me busy. padahal tak study pon for pro exam..y Allah..biler lah nak start all out nih..hmm..i hope by next i dhould start something which not only depends on the CC sessions only..god..please give me the courage..

last weekend was quit full.had a meeting in gazebo last friday which lepak ngan ray,kak lyn,adam,megat, safia. pass the sponsour letter to kak amy and kak lyn gave me like 20 names big company that probably i can approach for my event.. waduh kencang giler.. thanks kak lyn. i appreciate that.. harussssss...hehehhe... eventhouh it was tiring(mala tuh tak tido kot) but i enjoy spent time with them..especially towards the end..sian megat sampai tersengguk sennguk..biasalh ray kalo dah start bercakap..habeslahh..

the next morning went to bukit jalil for suria fm green day concert in conjunction envrionmental day. i was not really sure about this event until i was there and im not sure wether the july 7th is the official date for the environmen day or bal bla..check this Farha (tak tau sejak biler dia nih jadik environmentalis).. so far the stadium was full with all the mat indon yang menakutkan..sehrious tak tipu..raser macam their country pon ader..omg..tak tua lah kan jadik camtuh sekalik.. lepak kat booth then gadafii was there as well and others. we were supporting him from back always..gud luck with your career bro. may allah bless you.. i was there at night and no wonder naper mat indon tuh ramai giler..rupa rupanyer banyakk gilerr indonesian artist wat performance at that nite..hmm padanlah.. can u imagine they came like segerombolan sambil bawak banner yang cam busuk giler tulis aper tah..then omg saper gadis gadis yang kat tengah tengah like sea of people tuh mesti ader yang kena r*** ngan mat indon. sehriously i cant tell u like it was like perhimpunan mat mat indon yang super duper nyer..

before that, in the morning i had mini opt with Mr. Azlan.. ehhe. like so cam lawak giler disebabkan ingrowing toe nail (org pilah cakap CAGU..) and dah chronic sgt kot..dah 2 bulan tak elok elok agi..so he romeved part of my toe nail and cut kat tepi tuh dan dapat 3 stitches..haha..like so cam mr azlan potong kuku macam potong kertasss..arghh..walaupun tak sakit sbb bagi la..tapi like so lah kan tgk depan mata...hhahahah..thanks mr azlan..(kalo tak beratus lah kena charge)

goodbye 'infections' & welcome 'disaster'
2 weeks of infectious diseases over.thanks to haris for spreading practically applied air borne disease since i got infected. same goes to farha zati adi kerker and others.. thank you so much..huhu.. conclusion that can be made in the shortest block, i took this oppurtunity to revise my microbs,immunology as well as pharmaco..yeah..learn a lots of thing the from this module!!. looking forward for disaster medicine which whatever crossed in my mind is all about natual disaster erathquake, tsunami and bla bla..actually it is more than that.. even motor vehicle accident is part of disaster and i think more on emergency medicine will be covered in this module. today we had interesting slots this morning as we had workshop andthe class was like a mission class with masking tape on the floor illuminate the stadium has been attack by the terrorist with smoke and bla bla(nampak sgt tak pay attention) but macam betul betul nak g mission. and i learned a lot from 24(padhal tgk 2 seasons ajer) hahah..but the class was cool..and the most ineteresting we had all the 'toys' for ambulance, bomba, police, and bla bla bala and we had to placed at the most appropriate location during disaster.don't you feel it interesting yeahh really cool the class..tak tipu. it is great oppurtunity we had Dr. Azhar as our part time lecturer(as he is on his summer vacation;currently working in Qatar as emergency medicine specialist(not sure what is his real post)and i guess he is making money kat saner..bestnyerrr..nak jadik kaya gakk.. but for sure he is very nice person..

keker's party

we celebrated kekers bday last nite in air buah. it was simple but if i had that surprise party i will appreciate al ot(teringat tiramisu farha).. as i go along. i realized sumting .i seldom spent my time with my own house mate which i really don't know why!! maybe we are not in the same boat.yeah. i admit that there is gap between me and you guys. i'm sorry i've tried my very hard and i'm sorry to say thati cant get close with all of you except for professional relationship thats all... haha.. but its great getting to know u guys.. at least there are thousands of great memories that i had shared with all of you.its great getting to know all of you.

managed to finish one XL mango+orange and L size banana....tu pon tak cukup kott..air buah tuh dah tak sedap since orang baru..hmm LAMEEEE
sutera 1-1-5..except for teej and azrul..not in the pix: kerker(cameraman) haris: buat rambut nigga tuh)

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