Thursday, July 19, 2007

kisah satu ringgit!!!

one ringgit story
can u imagine if people count on you and it just RM 1.. hmm i cant believe that.. wutdaaaa... i was like to yell to the bloody face that time.. bukan lah nak ungkit..but hmm..memang tak bersyukur tull.. i cant stand to have all this kind of people surround me... seringgit jer kottttttt..mungkin tumpang kejap coz i dun have change i'm rushing that time...


the most sux thing which i hate to face with this kind of really sick of people yang suka mengadu and then terkantoi pastuh tak nak mengaku tak leh blah arr kan..blah arr weh...terimalah hakikat yang ko tuh kaki mengadu.. can u imagine how to face this kind of people surround me..most of the time..yucksssss. and pleaiselah mind your own business kay.. please be professional ok..and im not interesting to be involved in your personal parts which i ha d other important things to think off....

tong sampah..

get caught with kerker's statement.. and pity to u kerker..anyway if i were u.. i will do the same thing..still..bloging is part of therapy aite.. not seeking for attention..but for me personally i just to be heard..nutig else..if u cant read people's mind, do listens to peoples voice...

why i love my weaver?

went to clinic last week so that she will be better as she seems having fever and sore throat. but unfortunately her condition worse then what i had expected and the medicine cost me 500bux...and now im totally kekeringan... i'm sorry hun..i don't mean to hurt you.. ill promise to take care of you k.. you are the only i have when i'm in mess..

5 golden rules before borrowing her

  1. if you think you are able enuff to take care of her just like how i treat her
  2. she is too old for u to drive harshly
  3. she is not in good health if u don't pamper her well
  4. don't disturb us when im with her
  5. mind others pocket money too

well guys im not trying to be as stingy as others, but have you ever considered others feeling? and honestly i dun mind if u can obey the 5 golden rules.. why? coz people counts on me and why not i count on others for the sake of my own benefits.. yepp.. not trying to be selfish..but living in this world.. nobody cares you and why shall i care u as well?


lately...ive been spending my times with not to be mentioned rather then my own colleagues which i miss them very much. its the matter how they appreciate me and how we cared each other..honestly i enjoyed being part of them...they cared me..they love me like i love them and is it wrong? im not neglecting my studies. im standing on my two feet.. what i had now not to be mentioned are always give me courages and supports.. thanks guys.. to Farha(responding to what u had told me that day) i need to be sumwhere out of this place.. out from peoples that i cant stand with..


my schedule for this month was like full to the max especially during weekends which i dun have time to go back pilah.. mom n dad were here during weekend and just meet em up in sis house. this coming weekend there will be mobile clinic in jalan kapar. its gonna be very busy starting next week.. YM project drive me crazyyyyy. i cannt concentrate in class.. seriously risau giler bout it.. not trying to be perfectionist, but i wish and pray hard to made it perfectly successful and definately the HOTTEST. YM4 HOTTTTT....saper saper nak sponsor our event msg me ka..(takleh nak publish agi..poster tak siap)


yesterday was tiring day.. went for a visit to KLIA-Air disaster unit which actually there were only 3 main areas that took about 5 hours for the short visit..penat weehhhhh..they are
  • KLIA health office
  • quarantine center (specifically for yellow fever from endemic country)
  • Air disaster unit

the most hectic part was waiting for daily pass to enter the gate just to enter the qurantine center and ADU which took 1 hour.. sehrious penat giler.. it was like CHET visit actually hmm as usual..we r the one who made the trip worth as we are the most hot photo obsessions.. anyway..the visits was tiring but enjoyable...(photos credits to HUSNA the miss kosmo and mira fana the camwoman wannabe..)

ADU mini ICU

TRIAGE card part 1

TRIAGE part 2(nak highlight FARHA)


met with the tour guide and steward of Mongolian airlines(in brown)

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