Thursday, July 5, 2007

bloody HELL

hmm.. still in the the RED mood!! i hate to be in this mood.. i really dont like it.. last nite went to Pelaga park Cafe(every meja dia ader ikan pelaga.hahhaa. janagan salah minum sudah). had some short meeting with frens.. a very short meeting but enjoy the moments. everyone was there including Gadaffi, Cikgu najmi, En MAzlan(Cikgu NAjmi best friend i guess?) and it was short and brief meeting. and the most exciting news when Ray decided to reject the offer to MACAU...bye bye MACAU.thank god.. Thank you rAy for not leaving us.. you are great leader and great fren..OMBAKKKK..hahaha..

when i reach home( it was 1 a.m tobe exact)had a chance to update the 2 previous posts. this morning i have meeting with mr Adam the PIC for the Cyberjaya Community Recreational Club.. and thank god everything seems sailing smoothly.. yesterday ive told Arab to take over the sponsourship which i cant handle anymore and he did a blast job. really.. Husna thanks for kejut me for 3 times ..haha (takut aku kalo husna mengamuk..matilah) and Juna for your dedication on ur letter..thank you babeh..ive told u guys. i have wonderful team but what i have to worry is the sambutan on the event.. we have plan a lots of blast and kencang ideas just to satisfy everyone.. i guess we did our best for that.. may Allah bless our event.. but those yang tak start kejer lagik..please lah do sumting.. its not for me..its for our own benefit ..pempaham lah kan

good news was we are just collecting our first sponsor is quite a lot..atleast better then the amount provided by the college kot..hehe.. so i think we should start with flyers, banner etc... nantikan kemunculannyer. jgn jeles ym yang lain..YM4 hot okay!!.hehehe..then i called few numbers for sponsourship and to buy our booth.. i hope that everything will be okay.. and i had cool price for the tent ala ala kahwin so raser cam nak buat kenduri kawen utk so she is so obsess getting married..paper pon fini..aku ok ajer kalo ko kawen..bole aku tumbuk tumbuk anak ko nanti huhu..ok wut..anak fini mixed ok.. nigger... ehehe..5 khemah kott..hmm kenecang tak?..heheheh

perempuan giler yang suka mengaku ivdu

prof ikram as usual menjadi pemerhati

this session was after the assessment. i drew blood yesterday but ive lost the pix..huaa

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