Friday, March 6, 2009

Not a honeymoon year!

Oh god! its 4th year! and i dont think its a honeymoon year! and the PRO exam is left about a year! lets countdown! and i'm running out of time! 1st posting is almost over then 3 posting left! then here you go!!!
new academic year=new group=new faces=new commitment=new experience!

Hey pioneers! we have been go through such a wonderful and tough time together!

fresh & energetic

fini + nadia = ortho group!

Oh yep! More weddings coming soon in march!I cant believe that i'm entering the 'mating age zone' I do believed that i still belong to sweet teen years of age group!! but time fliesss. lots of friend already graduate and making money! and some are so eager of getting married! Just got Millas's and Berber and heard of adik Zufar's wedding on this coming weekend! hmmm? When is mine?

Pic Courtesy of Sari Yanti's Wedding!

P/s: in the mode of taknak kerja and nak jadik student all the time!!!!

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Fir Da Vinci said...

1. Aku baru tau nadia beyonce amik medic sama ngan ko.
3.4th year is honeymoon year! huhu..
4. in the mode of taknak kerja and nak jadik student all the time!!!!- sama