Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Part timer carpenter!

i'm not a carpenter but i might become part timer carpenter! This is what ill be experienced and facing for this two solid month! full of fractures and 90% are caused by motorcyclist! take note those who rides motorbikes. it may caused unexpected injury to you! and you cant imagine how bad the injury you may come across! and can you imagine lying flat on the bed with those unwanted casts or wires, and sumtimes very weirdy antenna. please please and please. "Tunggang dengan selamat. ingat orang yang tersayang! (",). Lalalalalalalalala

45 year old man, alleged mva, motorcycle vs car

testing for the sensory not reflexology

doesn't the leg looks normal?

this is what actually happened to this poor guy's leg

transverse fracture of tibia and fibula

p/s: to fir. sorry kitorang curik abg khai drpd korang.hehehe

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Fir Da Vinci said...

abg khai...aku.
sentap sekarang bukan main lagi pakai kot kot plak...