Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm not a doctor..not yet a houseman!

this week i received medical related question via various type of communication! how lucky we are now to have various acces of communication! cant imagine living in those old daysssss

Case 1 (via yahoo messenger)

My friend's mother had a symptom of stroke as he described the same symptom the her mother had previously. but her mother refuse for hospital treatment! Then he asked me what is the best can he do at that situations?

Case 2 ( via phone)

my cousins give me a call to ask my opinion wether should she take this pain killer instead of taking other type of pain killer.

Case 3 ( via short messaging system)

My former teacher sms asking about his own condition. he had chest pain which is worsen on sternous activities associated with headache. he asked what he should do?

My answer: some circumstances i managed to share within my limited knowledge but other important situation that i dont know how to handle(cewahhh bajet tul) my advice was pls drop by to the nearest clinic. that will be the best solution! i cant be someone yang suka tunjuk pandai coz this involve people lives and thats my responsibility to tell the truth and what i'm supposed to do! ( i cant imagine my first night oncall) that will be the nightmare!

Conclusion;Ya Allah! I'm not ready for all this yet! seriously! yeah i know im already in the 4th year but i'm scared. im not ready for this! the sign has come! time is running out! takutnyerrr. on other points of view, i felt so honoured coz they put their trust on me! but i'm not a doctor...not yet a houseman....

(2 months of orthopaedic is almost over! clinical exam will be in next week and theory will be 21st May 09) yess i'm scareddd short and long term!

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qi said...

boss...i pon brother one day brought me his friend who had cough for 3 months and no medication had cured it. i was like, what??? u wanted me to give consultation after the failure treatment of all those certified doctors??

my Goodness, i was like, "i'm not ready for thissssssssssss!!"