Saturday, August 2, 2008

we are not typical medical student!!!

i enjoy lots of time in Melaka. since there were only two groups are here, hence many activities can be done eficiently. this including we stayed in one building. i really miss my time in hostel and campus life. thats the beauty of staying together hence we can do lots of thing. last week we had water polo organized by Prof Latif but with a rules and regulation. it was really havoc and even we managed to halau few people who already in the pool. kejam giler

bird's view of the dolphin pool

me in action

the pool tuh besar gak

two two sipdey (anak kak zie) also joined us..

i also dont understnad why this situation terjadi?

And this week we had friendlyly game with the 94 HAT. the previous group had volleyball but during our time they choosed basketball which most of us dont know how to play. Overall it was really fun and released our stress

cucms team at the score board

siap tulis kat event of the day lagik

and the whole crew cucms & 94 HAT

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