Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We found FOSSIL!!!

we had borak borak while completing our final case write up of this posting and we incidentally found one of the most valueable information/data. towards the end of the discussion me, memer and fini had agreed to classified what we had found. this is the information that we had found

1. the 'thing' is only can be found among the pioneer batch of cucms
2. the thing is currently can only be found in Melaka near the beach.
3. the thing is expected to be in east coast this weekend
4. the thing was born sumwhere in the east coast of penisular
5. the thing also used to be in australia for a long time ago
6. the thing gender is female
7. the thing was born in 1984
8 the thing is among the top 5 of elderly lady in cucms
9. the thing is found to be single and not known to have any spouse yet
10. the thing is members of ansara(murid murid tua MRSM)

towards the end of the discussion, we decided to call the thing FOSSIL

This is the fossil that we found (",)

P/s: We are the millenium babies..hehehe

based the BoMerNI(Boss+Memer+Fini) Criteria those who are born in
<1984= artifacts/fossils/ancient
1985 = antics
1986 = millenium babies
>1986 = unknown species??

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