Saturday, August 23, 2008

asasian in camera jamban


We had jalan jalan last night.touring the Melaka city. Mahkota Parade, then Dataran Pahalawan Jonker street. the girls planned to find baju for the Post Posting Party. Fini and Juna at first waited for us at Jonker Street but towards the end they went back home since we didint arive. and guess what took us so long? besides the girl looking for their dress me nadia and memer (asasian :P) saw one camera jamban shop and decided to take picture. nadia are so expert with the camera jamban. apa lagik. picca pica pica and all the decoration exclusively from memer and memer was the one who pijak the camera foot pedal which never count to snap the pix. so berlambaklah gambar yang tak silly.. then proceed to Jonker street and we end up caught in the rain. basah kuyup semua orang. great night but exam is just around the corner.takuttt
sad faces
still in pose

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