Monday, December 10, 2007

my chemical romance

just got back from the concert..but wut made me really sad is i dont have any compact cam so that can bring along. just snap few pix around but tu pon from my cousin cam.. dont really take pix just becoming the baby sitter to the concert. the concert was really perfect.. it was really perfect.. im speechless but it was really a wonderful night for me. eventhough it was raining throughout the concert but it was okay atleast takderlah panas sgt.but best giler. but bengang with this onechinese guy.mmg kuang ajo giler.but standard arr tuh in the concert..overall just one word. MARVELOUS!!!!

at the entrance skema kan..actually kat depan tuh ramai giler tgh pandang..tuh yg tak jadik nak wat muka ganas or mulut sedut husna!!

they really perfect for almost 2 hours performances

berebut rebut nak balik kejar lrt

at the giant poster..basah kuyup hujan

1 comment:

ray eusouff said...

skema ..a'ah la joey ni..
u can do better tha that!!!

And I say ...heyyy (loudly)