Monday, December 24, 2007

happy birthday...

Throughout my experience, The December babies are seldomly being celebrate specially their days are fall on holidays..etc etc..but since electives is must be completed in this whole month of December so I had a chanced to join them celebrating their birthday ..but aper aper pon happy birthday people… may all your wishes and dreams come true…(both my soulmate was born in Decembers)

Ina@1st December 2007

Happy birthday ina…nice hair cut...i nak cyberdol supplies..sorry i curik gambar dari blog u and i dun have pon gambar ngan u..huhu

Farha@ 12th December 2007

Happy birthday soulmate…I rindu lah kat u nanti..yerlah…ill be busy with vaginaa and u will be busy with all the statistics and spss..hehe..but I know u will miss me a lot..nanti dah duduk sepang kena jaga jaga sikit mulut u tuh..hhaha..nanti kena samapuk hantu sepang yang suka menari macam afiq

Sarah@!4th December 2007

Wan sarah..happy birthday..hope u will now enjoy your holidays.i want vitamin credits to mira..hahhaa

Gadaffi@14th December 2007

Happy birthday dude. may all your wishes and dreams comes true.i will always support you...nanti dah start kat cyber jangan lupa we had makan2 at cyber.. anyway nice car boleh ler bawak jalan jalan.thanks for everything

Zati@17th December 2007

Jati..u dah makin tua okay..nnti jaga farha elok elok..jangan lame sangat ok..i will conquer putrajaya i will be the putrajaya maayor..haha..u jadi ketua kampung sepang cukup..huhu..happy birthday

Megat @ 22nd December 2007

Megat..happy birthday..its great to know your and thanks for everything. thanks for all your tuujuk ajar and always listening to my problem and for a great great friendship..thankyou so much...may all ur wishes come true.and i will always pray for your happiness...

Kak Nad@22nd December 2007

Kak Nad..happy birthday.its such a great to know you…dgr citer banyak gossip hangat sekarang..hahhaha

Finni@ 27th December 2007

Finni..u janji nak jahitkan langsir i..huhu..happy birthday soulmate.happy birthday wishes in so we have to celebrate ala ala English ngan mummy a..hahhaha..lets hunt the va jay jay next month

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