Saturday, December 8, 2007

fat fatter and fattest...

it is great and alhamdulillah when first week of electives is over and i've covered up a least 25% of the course requirement.. 3 meetings in this week and i've to complete some chapters on the art of public speaking book given by mr khairul najmi.. its really a great book to be read and made me really want to talk and talk to the world..hahha... oh ya.. my electives is about the interpersonal & business communication skill..kencang tak bunyik? i guess so and ive choose Dr. S as my supervisor. i heard that she had undergo a minor surgery and on medical leave atleast for a week..i pray that she will recover soon... i really enjoy every sessions of my electives...just im having a little bit of difficulties to produce the tangible products. i really have no idea what to do..hmm.. anyone can give me idea despite im producing such a boring manual on basic interpersonal skill?

since my lappy is just recovered from her morning sickness.(in the mood of O&G postings).. i wanted to post about our makan makan with my lovely damily celebrating me for passing the pro exam..only makan makan..tak dapat handphone pon handphone macam husna :-(..hehhe..but its okay..shukur shukur ya allah..(raihan's song)

round 1

my brother gave me a called and asked me to accompany him buying new watch. memula malas sgt2 but then after dia pujuk pujuk then i said okaylah.. went to mid valley (he will only choose mid valley to buy whatever he wants walaupun sebanyak maner pon shopping centre dah bukak kat malaysia..his character is exactly the same like my father...huhuh..but he is such a very good son compare to me..sehriously...) and what made me really terharu is he wanted to belanja me makan and he leaved to chose whatever i wanted to have..hahah.. i feel like to eat chilis and he said okay.. so lets enjoy the food..

me n my brother with his new watch

feel giler.....

my sis also joining us

the mushroom burger...

tadaaaa... this is what i order..tak ingat pon

and my brother's choice..

thanks to my brother for a lovely dinner...

Round 2

the next weekend my parent rang me up for another round of makan makan. for the same reason celebrating me for passing my exams. so another round of makan makan but this time complete the Hj Hadi family. heehe.. my father choosed his fav restaurant in cheras..the restoran cherana and the food is okay okaylah..

welcome to restoran cherana

busy choosing the fish and squids

simple yet nice entrance..mcm disco pon ader gak erk..

boring waiting for the food to be cooked

tadaaa..the fish..

the sotong....

my big boss and the mem busy discussing

kekenyangan while mother enjoying the 60's song live band

shady and her husband sebok kat karikatur which is quite cheap..rm 15 only

wah..makan makan makan..huhuhu

Round 3

just came back from meeting for next week events and in the same time shady call asking where i'm having my dinner. since she is so malas nak masak and she and my 2nd sister were still in the mid valley (ladies will always be a ladies) and she asked me to join them for dinner. and i really enjoying my dinner there..

just get hair cut..i hope terendak ppl will accept this length??

shady is trying so hard to buat mulut sedut husna..( she mentioned it)

the siblings!!!(while waiting for the food)

kayjue prefer the tuna giler..(tapi teringin makan sandwich mak fini..very the westernsz)

shady's choose spicy olio..not bad...

when their food dah sampai lupo adik yang kelaparan....

and now is my turn... the marvelous dome twister. u guys should try this!!!

sedap giler sehrious tak tipu..

and here comes my dinner..

so fat!!!

and this is the main reason why ive been called and invited for the dinner with them...hmmmm. always the bag carrier...!!!!

hohoho merry xmas.!!!

i thanked god for giving such a wonderful family who always never failed to love me, scold me and also share their money..hehehhe. family is the only place for me whether im happy and im sad.. i cant pay for their loves and sacrifices.

To my father and mother, shady, kayjue and abang
i will always be your hottest son and brother..heheh.. me the hot obsession...
and im getting fat fatter and fatter... thanks to all..luv u always

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