Saturday, September 20, 2008

memori lama

yesterday had buka puasa with husna,fini,kak juns, fina, jati, bulbul, haris, memer and zaimi at McD seri Kembnagan after our reunion meeting finished almost 7 pm. no idea where to eat but fini insist to have McD. and all of us went there. thanks to zaimi for the coupun. i had mass iftar. 2 mc chicken, bubur, sundae chocolate, fires, and pow bulbul's chicken. hehe. McD has no buffet which i never missed two years ago.

photo taken from husna

late night called ihsan and had jalan jalan merentas kuala lumpur tanpa arah dan tujuan. then we had A&W as it was such long time i'm not having the root beer and the a&w usj is such a good memories to me. then caled pai and had another minum minum at mamak. everything was on Ihsan that night. then we headed to pai's house and had another chit chat again and again. i took the old album during our time in koleq and yet i saw this pix. it was taken in the end of 2003 before the SPM.hahaha. i snap the pix using my phone thats why the quality was not really good.(pai silalah scan semua gambar dolu dolu)huhuhu

me and pai in 2003. lupa plak nak amek latest pix utk buat perbndingan.huhu

a clearer view

last week i had ward rounds in Damansara and we came across with this little poor boy who had dextrocardia (the heart is in the right zone.normal people's heart is on our left zone)with mutiple abormality and the prognosis was poor. poor little cute boy. just pray for the best for him.


ameirul azraie said...

bile nak mengimbau memori lama dgn aku?

big boss said...

itulah jae.. kena carik gambar lama nih.hehe..asal aku call ko/msg tak amgkat.busy ker