Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulau Meranti-Farid-Tahun 4-Young Mercy-Balik Kampung-

1. I went to Klinik Desa Pulau Meranti (it is not a pulau) which is a neighbourhood kampung of Cyberjaya.

2. In other word Cyberjaya is like a bandar in the kampung or Pulau meranti is the kampung di dalam bandar either or. apa apa pun Pulau Meranti wujud dahulu sebelum Cyberjaya kan. .

3. The session was short but i realized that it is very important component posting as we have to observed the routine checkup for the children. The immunization programme in our country has been introduced since 1950s is such a beautiful programme and we should be grateful to be born in this country.

4. I called Farid and Alhamdulillah he is currently in a good conditions and still under rehabs. he is lucky as he cant remember anything about the tragedy and he is not in trauma at all. I pray that he can continue with his flying.

5. Oh ya, since this is our last posting for the third year, in the evening we had a sesions with the deputy dean about our next year programme. there will be 4 rotations next year; orthopaedics,psychiatry,family medicine & special postings (opthamology, ENT, anaesthesiology & traditional complementary medicine).

6. New group list for year 4 was announced as well. the group has been reshuffle and i had new faces of group mate which i had never any experiences working together before except for Fini, Nadia MK, Amran, (Year 3) & Kerker (Year 1 & 2). I think this is the oppurtunity for me to get to know more people in my batch.

7. I'll be starting with orthopaedics posting in end of January 09, not to forget two months of research in December and January.

8. New group new, new hope, and new dreams ( hello paeds tak abes lagik kotttt)

9. Next things to be done; packing for hari raya.

10. meanwhile, i am busy with our Young Mercy Project in Kedah. more works and an efficient time management is very important

11. Esok Balik Kampung..hoho..balik kampung (",)

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