Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Case 4: My Pakcik

Currently busy finishing my final report of Internal Medicine

Short Case 1: Viral fever
Short Case 2: Anemia of chronic disease; renal failure reduce erythropoietin
Short Case 3: Gouty arthritis
Short Case 4: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin; Query PSY?
Short Case 5: Lung Carcinoma
Short Case 6: Decompensated liver cirrhosis secondary to portal hypotension
Short Case 7: Hypokalemic periodic paralysis secondary to Renal tubular acidosis Type 1
Short Case 8: Congestive cardiac failure secondary to uncontrolled, severe hypertension.

Short Case 9: Hepatitis B
Short Case 10: Pulmonary TB

Long Case 1: Uncontrolled hypetension with hx of TIA (TOD)
Long Case 2: Recurent bladder carcinoma metastasized to lung
Long Case 3: Dengue Haemorhagic fever
Long Case 4:

Those are list of my report for this postings. Not to forget 30 MCQs questions and reflective diary to be submtted weekly. Can you imagine how pack my schedule now! But on the other hand i just find myself that this is what i'm looking in my life. i can find myself as i'm almost in the half way of my future careers but trust me its not easy as i thought 2 and half years ago.yes it is very tough.. You have to be really prepared mentally and physically which i sumtimes might get out of the track. thanks wahab for always being my side when i'm out of my track and always being my shoulder to cry on...
The finale of my long case that i required to submit by tomorrow has really touch me a lot....the experiences and the beauties of taking care of my patient something that i can't really forget of.. throughout the posting i had 4 patients and the final two i had to take care of geriatric patients (elderly). Being a son and looking at my patient reminds me to my father who is already about this age group.. yeah for now i can promise myself that i should be taking care of my father more than what he deserved now.. but as time goes can i fulfill my promises?. insha allah.
Last Friday, after the Friday prayers i droped by to the hospital to take the oppurtunity to get closed with my pakcik as that morning our specialist had suggested that he might having depression. Hence i decided to get to know him more and deeper.. at that time he is more stable compared to 2 days ago when he was admitted. Despite he is getting well, he is now able to walk to the toilet on his own and eat by himself. And when the tea is served, i asked my pakcik wether he wants to be fed by me. and he just keep quiet. and then i slowy took the bubur kacang and put on his mouth. then slowly he opened his mouth and said Bubur Kacang nih kalo panas baru sedap... Hmm... korang nih semua baik baik belaka... At that time sumpah dah segan plak ngan pakcik tuh..huhuh.. And then we had such a good laugh talking about his past days, his childrens, his life and some useful tips from him. it such a good time for me and him.... then i look deep inside of his eyes i can feel the loneliness inside.. the emptiness.. puting myself in his life..i cant really imagine how its gonna be... i can only pray i met with good wife with good children

Today when did my review on him..ive asked im..
Me: Pak Cik ader raser susut badan tak...
Pakcik: Ader nak.. dulu berat pakcik 80kg tapi sekarang dah tinggal 40kg ajer..

Me: Pakcik sekaranf nih tahun berapa pakcik?
Pakcik: Sekarang tahun 1984..

Me: Pakcik. Saya Balik dulu yer (at 2p.m)
Pakcik: Baiklah nak.. pakcik nih baru lepas makan malam nih.. engko balik lah..dah lambat dah nih..dah pukul 6

Me:Makcik maner?
Pakcik: Makcik ko pegi mengurut..esok lepas bini ko beranak sok..suroh ler makcik ko mengurut..
Me: takder calonlah pakcik :p

These are some part of converstions that we had. and much much more that really touched me.. Sometimes we laughed together and sometimes he seems to cry while telling his i enjoyed talking to him and sumtimes i almost to spilled my tears. Beautiful experiences with my pakcik..

Then I reflect to myself, sometime we can easily forget whats had happen to us and what might come to us.. but this is the reality of life.. we were kids before and we were teen before and we are adults now and we will be elderly after..

Ohh ive been writing too much i guess.. but these 5 days with my pakcik had really opened my eyes.. that i can tell myself the reality of life.. how strong i'm suposed to be facing all the obstacles, the upside down of life..and what i can promised to myself is there is no turning back..look forward and be realistic.

Its about less then a week before i will complete my internal medicine posting. wish me lots of luck in my exam... i wish i'll be the late bloomers to be really shine of becoming a good physician.. but i will never forget with what i've gone through for the past two rite. we will never forget our patients in our year 3..

I also would like to wish Happy fathers day to all fathers in this world... To my ayah.. i'll take care of you as long as i lived.. love and hug from your son..

Long Case 4: Its not only about diagnostic... he teaches me the real meaning of life....thank you pakcik...


sang kelana said...

hmm..what a great experience u have..and hope u and i can be a better person for tomorrow.miss u~

BasH said...

aku datang meninggah kejap... jangan la ko tensen2 ya..itu la pengorbanan seorang doktor..hikhik...merawat pesakit yang sakit..aku jalan g jempol hari tu...lalu la kuala pilah bagai...best2..

big boss said...

haha..naper ramai cakap aku ensen..aku tak tensen ler..huhuhu...