Thursday, December 4, 2008

Apa Khabar Pak!

Last week, I had a family trip with my father and brother to Pekanbaru in Provinsi Riau.. it was a nice trip with my cousin and apparently i'm among the youngest in the group. The buildings architecture at Pekanbaru was really cool despite i was told that the Pekanbaru town is about Kuala Pilah size however, we were wrong as the population reached 2 millions. Surprisingly the Riau people spoke Malay fluentlyand the slang is almost like us. when we reached there we just got to know many of them are Malays instead of java or any other ethnics of Indonesian and some hsitory of Kerajaan Johor-Riau-Siak etc may explained bout the population there. and people here love to go to Melaka since it took only 6 hours journey by ferry (flight to Pekanbaru only took about 30 minutes.jauh lagik Kelantan tau) and i manage to took few shots of the city since i wasnt comfortable due to my leg was damn painful and swollen. not really enjoy the trip but it was fun getting to know more about my aunties and cousins who is their age around my parents! (",)

My father at the MTQ building

My brother.behind was the shopping cenre ala ala Bandung

i wanted to try the Bakso tapi takut diarhoea( underestimate tak tahan)

My great great grandfather was one the Indonesian National Warrior!

The conductor of the school choir who sang their National anthem upon our arrivals!

What is the sign means?

The governor office

The building is ala ala Putrajaya; the Riau government document buildings

An-Nur Mosque (looks like Taj Mahal aite)

The Riau Library. The roof is symbolyze by opened book!

Fakulitas Kedokteran, Universitas Riau

Their teaching hospital is next to the faculty

Due to my painful and swollen leh, i had to use the wheelchair at the airport


alifreyes or said...

finally kan

kate x nak show off kan

husni said...

i letak tempat tempat menarik kalo orang nak visit. i tak letak gambar gambar i...

alifreyes or said...

ye laaa

i positive