Friday, October 31, 2008

one to go!

Finale of the season 3. wah! (belom abes agi as theory will be on monday) Paediatric posting is our finale posting in our third year. and it is mix feeling to end the season as we had finished 5 major postings in our third year and we will be having another major posting rotations in our final year. Insha Allah. today was my clinical exam with Dr.Norizan. our group was scheduled to have exam this week since dr.Norizan will be no longer here and will be back to her hometown( kepada nurin..habislah korang..hehehe) since we have to deal with kids and babies, sumtimes its hard to attract them. so the only solutions that we had is having the toys with us. so we decided to buy toys for our patient! Lukily we found one at hospitals kiosk shop. we bought lorries for our kids. (",)

group 4b (",)

nadia fasya
amran fadzrul
mine! (ignore the gender of the toy!)qeyls
the real amsssss. his baby got pneumonia.
aqilah daughter had AGE (Acute gastroenteritis)
nadia got quite tough case. a boy who had acute benign myositis
my little boy with the toy(",). talkative and smart boy!

while i performing the examination, he was sleeping! then he suddenly wake up and starting to meragam.ayooo sumpah cuak giler and tak tau nak wat camner. trying to pujuk with the toy but still not in the good mood. but i guess the examiner understand the situations.

my performance was quite okay and alhamdulillah i managed to answer the questions but definately banyak lobang sana sini. history was smooth as i did two write up about febrile fit and presented twice for the case. but ada jugak lah tak ingat but i hope i did well and scored for the paper since theory mesti susah giler. one down and one to go. so i hope i managed to answer the theory on Monday. pray for me kay.. no more crying babies and chumel chumel kids after this. a relief?..huhuhu

P/s: post posting party@ prof Amal's after Maghrib


~SYAMELIA~ said...

your patient is so adorable la...
felt sorry that he had 2 go thru all those pain... cian dia...
btw, glad that u did well..
way to go, my dear...

husni said...

tq kak emyy.. i cant forget bout the red thingssss..hahhaha

first dawn on a flower said...


going miss our group