Wednesday, October 15, 2008

friends is sahabat

I flipped through old albums and saw this was taken during our grad day in 2003. It was five years ago.

And after 5 years

And in the yaear of 2013? Insha Alah...

Dr. Ikmal Arif Nordin, MBBS (India)

Dr. Ahmad Fuad Abd Aziz, MBBS (UiTM)

Dr. Syafirin Ab.Sani, MBBS (Malaya)

Dr. Husni Za'eem Abd Hadi, MBBS (Cyberjaya)
Qeymal: I am glad that everyone is still the same after five years of leaving school days."
Me: Insha allah. No matter how many years we've gone through. we will always be the same. Friends forever
and our next plan is AGM 2013: Another doctors day out? (",)

P/s: Currrently in the stress mode. need some motivations to encounter the posting. paeds is really tough and many things to cover. but little kids and babies made me smile (",)

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