Friday, October 26, 2007



my last word for u,

we can make it

no matter how hard it may see

no matter what u feel

no matter if u see the world is collapsing and seizuring

no matter if u feel u want to cry

u can definetely do it

because i have so much faith in ure

n i know it wont get wasted

this is what you want

so own it

berusaha sebanyak yg boleh then, kiter bertawakal to Allah

as He is the only one who know what is good for us

alright, dear!

lots of love, faha

p/s: received this msg at 0128hours after finishing mock test with sutera 1-1-5. it was really good sessions as i treasure the environment a lot.thanx to all.

To Farha..
Thanx for wonderful motivation. i have no words to express my feeling for ur kindnes. thanx for always be my shoulder to cry. thanx for evrything. and thanx for being wonderful soulmate. all the best to you too.

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