Monday, October 29, 2007

neonatologist wanna be

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maybe Farha rite.. eventhough now still in the mood of pro exam but im so enthusiastic to write sumthing.. some review for previous two exam papers. 2 down and 2 to go..hmmm.. SAQ was really sux..yeah i did badly in SAQ... i was like memorizing like hell for hypertension and diabetic melitus, thyroid ansome other diseases mentioed to be most common diseases in Malaysia. and really hoping that few questions may come out.. but guess what..DIVC went out..oh god..hmmm. SIADH, cholera, one question which i dont know what is the answer on GIT and 1 set question comprise of behavioural science+ public health + diasater which alhamdulillah i managed to answer it. pray hard to ALLah that SAQ contribute some marks for my passing marks. Today's OSCE was quite reasonable and answerable as i enjoy answering those questions despite surprisingly the VAGINA (ingatkan bladder ker yang keluar especially the trigon huhuhu) but what went out which i dun read at all as well as the easy question of identifying calcarine gyrus (i answered occipital gyrus..(i guess thats better answer cause atleast i know to differntiate between the anterior and posterior part of brain.heheh) but those hard ones(not hard actually but i dun have time to read) i managed to bantai dengan kencang nyer and fully hope that i may get some marks from it.other part like microbs, patho and biochem questions are fine to me except for careless mistake. 2 more papers to go MCQ and OSCE..and hoping for luck and no more careless mistake..

mom and dad are really praying hard for me..i dont know how to thank them for always being with their hot obsession son.. my love always forever for both of you... my aunties and uncles which i msged them also praying hard for me and theirs sweet and wonderful prayers.. Insha allah..i will pass my exam and enter the third year. ameen ya rabbal al amin..

i just find myself that i do really love babies dan seangkatanyer (as long as they dont know how to talk) no matter how they hate me..(hmm maybe i looks so giant to them)...hmmm..but for sure not im not paedophile like adi..but i really have that sense..or maybe i want a baby(ehem ehe)hmm i dun know..but maybe in the future i'm a neonatologist wannabe. adi. i bukannyer nak stalk u jadik paeds..but i prefer babies..huh..not kids. hahhaa.. to husna: at the momment ur father is my role model..yolah sokampung kan..botul tak.... insha allah..

p/s: currently having really bad cough and flu..hua...pening pala..susah nak study.hopefully esok dah ok..

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uchnana said...

wah wahhh another paedo wanna be but u cannot take adi's place.

be strong. 2 more to go.

hang in there.

go n9 !!