Wednesday, October 24, 2007


adi cacat stated on his cake

Adi...Happy 21st birthday.. its great to know u around. he is such crazy + weird + paedophile +alimest person in CUCMS. Thanx for bring good influence to me and never surrender to wake me up for subuh prayers.. pretending to be my wife in our room, his craziness to little kids, his jengkelness and i will definately miss you in 3rd year.. Happy 21st birthday @ 241007.. may ur dream and wishes come true.

sutera 1-1-5

pretending to be my wife

terserlah kecacatan nyer

P/s: Meskipon pro exam menghampiri, tetap menyambut bday nyer. as usual azam the mastermind and ADLI si sangkar putih sebagai asistant nyer. kencng nyer plan, tapi lupa charge camera.LAMEEEE...

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