Tuesday, September 4, 2007

wake me up when september ends...(part 1)

holaaa... im backkk.... heheh...lame betul takder idea.. quite missing blogging (betul ker ayat nih) as this is part of therapeutic..yes trust me.. well farha now being so active her blog..like so jealous..but thanks for her dedication.. i have thousands stories to share.. but let me conclude the activities throughout august

Score for one life@ August 11, 07

my first baby..muahhaa..ive sacrifice a lot for you honey..and thank god, everything went smoothly and for our great job.ALhamdulillah.. YM4 always hot..hehhe. Then we were offered another futsal tournament(but this time its collaboration with Cyberview) hmm.sekarang kena pikir networking(bak kata Husna).. and today sports commitee offered us to become the caterer for our sports day..whoah.. YM4 nih multitasking betul.. but i think..its great exposure.. boleh jadik event manager, consultant(heheheh) now catere plak..memang multitasking.... but i hope we managed to earn some amount for our YM4.. insha allah..

YM4 hot(apeq poyo)

the volunteers yang hot..

Pre-Raya CUCMS@August 17,07

The idea was initiated by azam and we proudly declared that it was pre raya of cucms(pro exam after raya..waa..rugilah open house)

Bera n Melaka@August 24-25

I had some 'event' in Bera and tetiba kat melaka.. but we had fun there. i miss u lor people.. but im sorry that i have to take off untill i pon tak tau biler.. but i do appreciate our friendship. u guys are really cool. i miss you all lohhh..i made a special video for u guys.. sumpah sedey giler...waabut very meaningful..heheheh (terkantoi ngan Husna g bera,.huh.. i hope u mother masak qous-qous lagik..sehriously i memang nak pergi umah u..tapi kitorang balik lambat lah that time..sedey....)

missing u guys

some of the craziness

YM5- Movie n Carwash carnival@ august 25th-27th, 07

Congrats guys your made it.. it was simple but its great.. it was my first time to have my own hand prints..muahahha..

Lets donate to YM1

proud to be youth?muahah

picnic @ Putrajaya@ August 30-31st.07

ya allah first time g picnic memalam buta kat tgh tgh putrajaya while waiting for the fireworks and countdown..but they are really cool man.. i was speechles and tenganga mulut tgk fireworks. thats so marvelous.. sehriously.. saper yang tak tgk mmg rugi giler.. thanks to Nabilla for a wonderful dishes that nite and the group 10 who cooked for that nite. that nite was really great.. lets the brotherhood and sisterhood remain forever.....happy Birthday Malaysia..muahahha.. thank god i dok kat malaysia..but kan best kalo malaysia ader winter... hehehhe... lagu malaysiaku gemilang sedap wooo..hehhe layan beb....(pictures akan diupload kemudian)

Public Health..a week to go :p

waahhh.. tension nyer ngan public health.. but actually i love the topics and chapters.. coz im quite familiar with all the term since my father was in health office before...i love the dynamics of the group but my results sux.. i thought i can score.. takleh blah ader gastroentritis kat matrix pilah..hadui..glamour gak erk pilah..huhuhu..a week to go and i'm finihing my year two..yahooooooooo..tapi pro exam dah dekatt..waaa takuttttttt

to be continued

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