Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wake me up when September ends Part 2


waaa.. already september maaaa...only a month left for pro exam.takutnyerrrrrr...

Happy birthday@3rd September 2007


Goda..happy birthday.. i miss u.. thanks for always being my most understanding friend and sama sama stalker orang.hehhee.i miss that moment…btw stop stalking people after this..thanks for wonderful jippa coz that really made me so kita same taste..hahha.. biler lah ko nak abes kat india tuh..hadduiiiii.. Happy 21st Birthday Gadap@ Goda@ Gadaffi…

goda yang pelik...


Salad..Happy 21st birthday.. thank god ko dah tak pelik macam kat koleq dulu..heheheh. u are totally different now .drastic giler..muahah..nanti kem salam kat aida.heheh.. but salad ko still blur lagik.cannot hide it.. ape ape pon its great to know you bro.. happy birthday

bossy ihsan(please ignore) and salad

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