Tuesday, September 4, 2007


YM6-Red Ribbon Charity Dinner

Well done guys..congratulation. u made it.. dahlah wat kat mandarin oriental..merasa lah aku g dinner kat saner.. u rox guys.i jadik pseudo YM6. perzen busy.. btw entry YM6 lagik banayk daripada my own event..hahha.Congratulation again to YM6 . Wish to have my wedding here with black and red theme..dont u think its cool??..tapi pokai lah beb...

(P/s: to ihsan, iman and salad thanks for coming to the dinner. Fendi wish u were there that night. Banyak story beb)

Officiated by Datuk Dr.Jemilah Mahmood, president of MERCY Malaysia

some nice shots taken by milla

just before the dinner

some corporate discussion

gambar nih cam hot giler.hehheh


memer yang kerow merow.thanks for being such a wonderful friend

keker and arif with their passion to care..good job guys.. u guys did it termendously..i enjoy every single minute of the song as well as the wonderful and touching lyrics.hope u guys will sing it again in one day...

With the DEAN

with the ANATOMIST

CUCMS the camera freak (especially me)

Mr & Mrs Kambeng.They are nice couple aite.. biler lah korang nak kawen..

what is the best caption for this? (in the gediks pose)

bossy and the project manager nadios amingos..

mira the treasurer..

Husni & Husna??

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