Wednesday, August 1, 2007

tribute to my soulmate

red day
sirna dinner

Its been a long time i havent update my blog..anyway thanks for those who are hunger of my wonderful touch..haha.. a tribute to my soulmate is a special entry that i think you guys. this is deep from apex of my heart...

the word soulmate arised when atlast i revealed to Farha about miss x..however surprisingly both of you dont give green light to me..sampai hati korang..but.. as i told you guys...jodoh petemuan di tangan tuhan..i will strive selagik i termampu.huhu..and we used to share same interest and selalu pakai baju samer without sweet kan..

get to know her since in PASUM.she is the most kelam kabut soulmate yang sangat giler2 and love making statements regardless whoever with her, either you or your lecturer or tah saper saper tah..tetap buat statement...i dont know how did she is so marvelous in the skill..honestly lyke bout it but sumtim u are too daring for those statement.. the girl who is marvelous in general knowledge..tanyerlah aper aper pasal general knowdge..confirm dier tau..tak tipu sehh.. and tanyer lah saper yang sing the lagu ker..artist kerr actor ker..confirm dia kenal..haha.. lately she is so obsess with scotland...(sampai sekarang tak pernah pon dapat special souvenier pon Farha..aper case???) namer ajer soulmate.. sumtim when i looked at her, she reminds me of Datuk Jemilah the president of MERCY(lagpon u mmg suka tiru tiru kan).. but she is the most sporting fren that i ever had especially dalam mebodoh bodohkan dir(e.g minah indon) To Farha thanks for being such a wonderful soulmate ever in mylife. i will forget every single moment being with you in mylife.luv u so much. thanks for being a great secret keeper..i hope you'll maintain that attitude.. u rox Farha!!



Fini a.k.a jants.. same goes to Farha, met her in PASUM but not as close as now. i got to know bout CUCMS from her..thanks for the info babeh.. the most lampiest person that i ever met in my life.. a little sister to me (thanks for introducing mummy A to me) my laughing partner.. she had the most disastrous ability of laugh sampai lupa diri.. i like to kaco her and then mula lah blushing.. tak pernah nak mengaku diri tuh kerdil and nak compare compare ngan i nih. she is my mentor(i like the way she explain when exams around..thanks for your notes) but now she is belong to sumeone... im gonna miss u lorr.. but again..thanks for cheering up my life with ur lampiness, gileness, ur gelak yang sangat sangta buruk and u always cheer my life. thanks for being my sweet soulmate.. luv you lots...(matilah kalo laki ko baca).. u jants Fini!!


to both of you

deep inside of my heart, i will always love you..every single moment that we had shared together is the most wonderful moment that i had ever in my life. i dont know how to thank god for giving the opputunity to meet you guys.. and i dont know how i can survive here without both of you. . thanks for everything soulmate...

your hottest soulmate


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