Thursday, August 23, 2007


Happy birthday people...


Happy 21st birthday@020807. Thanks for always lending your ears. and i hope we will stick with all our 'plan' k..

Happy 20th birthday@050807.. it is really great to know you. please do well in ur CAT next time.. thanks for everything..and stop caling me LAMEEE......hehehe

Aunt Yam..

happy birthday aunty@120807.. i wish to be rich like you..hehehhe


Happy 24th birthday Fendy@210807.. thanks for always be supportive and always be a brother to is not simple as we thought aite.. but ur spirits and ur laughter will always bear in my mind..

My brother

happy 26th birthday@ 220807..congratz at last u will stick to ur job.. i guess that will ur wonderful birthday gift.. heehe.. please give me more money..hehhe..cant wait for your new car..hmmm

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